Sunday, March 29, 2009

Costa Rica Anyone?

Imagine this:

A. A deluxe room for two for a 5-night vacation in Costa Rica
B. One or two round trip paid economy class airfares based on points earned
C. Round-trip transfers between the Liberia airport and the Resort
D. All meals and beverages while on the resort property
E. All on-site entertainment
F. Trainings and information sessions to help take your business to the next level

And before I forget - in the process of qualifying this trip - you are earning an income that can not only keep coming in - but can keep growing!

How can you qualify for this? By joining me in my network marketing business and gathering points.

Why network marketing? Because it's a relatively inexpensive to get into and it's pretty recession-proof.

If you have not seen this clip of Robert Kiwasaki talking about network marketing - it's worth a watch.

The company reduced it's top level entry point to $499 - [tax deductible for most as you are starting your own business - but do talk to your tax person] [USA and Canada]

For that $499 you get to chose from several different packs each with over $600 worth of products: health products, water-based skin care products, or weight and fitness products.

You can even design your own pack to include some of each.

How sort-of-exactly do you earn an income and qualify for the trip? You join and find 2 friends who might also want an income and help each of them find 2 in this diagram. Of course there is the fine print - but I can tell you about that if you have interest in this.

I heard of a few kids in their 20's who so liked this idea they went out as a team and in one month they did it! They are each now earning a few thousand dollars a month and each has also qualified for the trip!

The incentive ends on June 12th so you need to act now - although some have met the requirements in one month.

Yeah the qualifying period did start earlier this year but I hesitated putting info on Twitter as it's an "ad." But then decided what the heck - why not allow others to read about it and if they are unhappy - they can unfollow me :D

If and when you sign up - I will help and support you as will others - it's a win-win situation. Besides - apart from the whole earn money aspect - wouldn't it be fun to all get together for a TweetUp in Costa Rica later this year and meet each other? And you can take the products that I have been consuming for about 13 years.. [And I'm not a bad role model for what they can do.]

Also - just in case you want to ask why I don't say more about the company or the products:

People from different countries can read this and each country has different regulations about what I can and can not say about the business or the products - so I am not using specifics.

Please email or DM me for more info on any of this. [Promise I won't nag at you - it's not my style.]

PS The company operates in these countries. [The incentive destination
and start up costs vary.]

United States
South Africa
United Kingdon
New Zealand